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Multiple vulnerabilities in EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert

28 May 2020

Vulnerabilities that can lead to unsanctioned account access or remote code execution.
Dangerous vulnerabilities in Emerson OpenEnterprise

28 May 2020

Kaspersky ICS CERT has discovered vulnerabilities that may allow threat actors to modify configuration files, execute arbitrary code remotely or access user passwords.
Cyber incidents in industrial enterprises during the first half of May: Stadler, Elexon, BlueScope

20 May 2020

Victims included a railway stock manufacturer, an electric utility company and a steel producer. One incident brought operations to a halt
Multiple vulnerabilities in ABB 800xA DCS

30 April 2020

The vulnerabilities could allow attackers to remotely compromise hosts, cause denial-of-service conditions or elevate their privileges
Targeted attacks on Israeli water supply and wastewater treatment facilities

29 April 2020

Israeli authorities have warned of possible attacks on SCADA systems of wastewater treatment, water pumping and sewerage facilities
Malicious campaigns against Azerbaijan’s government and industrial organizations

24 April 2020

The attackers use PoetRAT, a new RAT Trojan distributed via Microsoft Word documents
Dozens of Siemens industrial devices are affected by DoS vulnerabilities

17 April 2020

Siemens industrial solutions are affected by SegmentSmack and FragmentSmack vulnerabilities, which could lead to device denial of service
New ransomware attacks on industrial enterprises

17 April 2020

In new ransomware attacks, victims face the choice between paying the ransom and seeing their sensitive data published by the attackers
Multiple vulnerabilities in Advantech WebAccess/NMS

13 April 2020

If exploited, the vulnerabilities could lead to arbitrary code execution, file manipulations, denial of service and the creation of an admin account
Threat actor behind Ruyk malware continues attacks on medical facilities despite epidemic

03 April 2020

In the past month, 10 more hospitals have fallen victim to Ryuk attacks in the US