Kaspersky ICS CERT

Industrial Systems Emergency Response Team is a special Kaspersky project that will offer the wide range of information services, starting from the intelligence on the latest threats and security incidents with mitigation strategies and all the way up to incident response and investigation consultancy and services. In addition to the latest intelligence about threats and vulnerabilities, Kaspersky’s Industrial CERT will share expertise on compliance. Being a non-commercial project, ICS CERT will share information and expertise to its members free of charge.

Percentage of industrial computers attacked, April 2021

Top countries by percentage of industrial computers attacked, April 2021

Algeria Belarus Morocco China Bangladesh Indonesia Kazakhstan Serbia Iraq Ukraine Vietnam Russian Federation Tunisia Burkina Faso Jordan

Threat sources, April 2021

Internet Mail Removable
% of attacked users

Malware platforms, April 2021

.NET Framework Visual Basic Script AutoCAD PDF JavaScript BAT Python NSIS Microsoft Word HTML
% of attacked users