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APT attacks on industrial organizations in H1 2021

26 October 2021

This summary provides an overview of APT attacks on industrial enterprises disclosed in H1 2021.
APT attacks on industrial companies in 2020

29 March 2021

Since 2018, Kaspersky ICS CERT has published annual summaries of advanced persistent threat (APT) activity targeting industrial-related organizations.
ICS threat predictions for 2021

02 December 2020

We present our vision of what challenges industrial cybersecurity will soon be (or already is) facing, and what to expect from cybercriminals in 2021.
New GreyEnergy malware attacks industrial networks

19 October 2018

Experts point to the similarities between the new malware and BlackEnergy, and a possible connection of the attacks with the TeleBots criminal group
APT group called RASPITE attacks industrial enterprises

06 August 2018

Dragos has published information on a newly-identified APT group, which it calls RASPITE. According to Dragos, the group's activity overlaps significantly with that of Leafminer, a group identified earlier by Symantec
US-CERT Reports APT Attack on Critical Infrastructure

25 October 2017

US-CERT has published a report on a targeted (APT) attack on government entities and organizations in energy, nuclear, aviation and other sectors. The attackers were interested in documents on industrial processes in targeted organizations.
Threat Landscape for Industrial Automation Systems in the second half of 2016

28 March 2017

The Kaspersky Lab Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT) is starting a series of regular publications about our research devoted to the threat landscape for industrial organizations.