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Multiple vulnerabilities in Modicon controllers

19 December 2019

If exploited, the vulnerabilities could result in denial of service. They can be fixed by updating device firmware
New vulnerability in Schneider Electric Modicon PLCs

09 July 2019

The vulnerability is due to an improper check for unusual or exceptional conditions and could lead to denial of service
Critical vulnerability in Modicon M221 PLC

23 November 2018

A critical vulnerability in Modicon M221 PLC could allow attackers to intercept traffic by remotely changing IPv4 parameters
Vulnerabilities in Schneider Electric industrial devices

31 August 2018

New vulnerabilities have been identified in Schneider Electric PM5560 power meter and Modicon M221 logic controller
Multiple vulnerabilities identified in the Modicon family of industrial controllers

29 March 2018

US CERT has published an advisory on vulnerabilities in the Modicon family of industrial controllers by Schneider Electric. Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities could provide remote unauthorized attackers with access to the file transfer service on vulnerable devices, enabling them to execute arbitrary code or install malicious firmware. The vulnerabilities identified affect the following Modicon...