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More than 50% of organizations attacked by ExPetr (Petya) cryptolocker are industrial companies

29 June 2017

According to our telemetry, we see evidence that many industrial companies are being attacked by ExPetr (Petya) malware. While there were examples of actual industrial control systems being affected, in most cases it was only the business networks were affected. According to our data, at least 50% of the companies being attacked are manufacturing and oil & gas enterprises.
WannaCry on industrial networks: error correction

22 June 2017

During the period from 12 to 15 May 2017, numerous companies across the globe were attacked by a network cryptoworm called WannaCry. The worm’s victims include various manufacturing companies, oil refineries, city infrastructure objects and electrical distribution network facilities.
WannaCry ransomware widespread attack may indirectly hit Industrial organizations

14 May 2017

The “WannaCry” outbreak has being reported on May 12 2017 by many independent sources all over the World. Based on KL ICS CERT live reports we decided to warn industrial organizations that they might indirectly become a victims of this widespread attack.