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Vulnerability in FortiGate VPN servers is exploited in Cring ransomware attacks

07 April 2021

An incident investigation conducted by Kaspersky ICS CERT experts at one of the attacked enterprises revealed that attacks of the Cring ransomware exploit a vulnerability in FortiGate VPN servers.
ICS threat predictions for 2021

02 December 2020

We present our vision of what challenges industrial cybersecurity will soon be (or already is) facing, and what to expect from cybercriminals in 2021.
Municipal services at Canadian City of Saint John down due to cyberattack

18 November 2020

Attack by Ryuk ransomware disrupts nearly all municipal services in Canadian city of Saint John
New ransomware attacks on industrial enterprises

17 April 2020

In new ransomware attacks, victims face the choice between paying the ransom and seeing their sensitive data published by the attackers
Threat actor behind Ruyk malware continues attacks on medical facilities despite epidemic

03 April 2020

In the past month, 10 more hospitals have fallen victim to Ryuk attacks in the US
Ransomware attack on Picanol paralyzes production at plants in Belgium, Romania, and China

17 January 2020

The company has been forced to stop its operations almost completely. Production recovery will take at least a week
More ransomware attacks

20 December 2019

Victims of the latest attacks include Pensacola and New Orleans city administrations in the US and a hospital in Benešov (Czech Republic)