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Multiple vulnerabilities in WAGO PLCs

20 December 2019

Nine vulnerabilities have been identified in WAGO PFC200 and PFC100 PLCs. They could lead to arbitrary code execution or cause denial of service
Critical vulnerabilities in WAGO industrial switches

17 June 2019

Exploitation of the vulnerabilities could allow a remote compromise of the managed switch, resulting in disruption of communication and root access to the operating system
Multiple vulnerabilities fixed in WAGO operator panels

17 July 2018

WAGO has fixed multiple vulnerabilities in e!DISPLAY 7300T series HMA devices. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could enable attackers to execute arbitrary code or overwrite critical files
Critical vulnerability in WAGO PFC200 controllers closed

22 February 2018

WAGO has closed a critical vulnerability (improper authentication) in its PFC200 Series PLCs.