About us

  • The first ICS CERT created by a commercial organization

  • Established in 2016

  • CVE Numbering Authority (CNA)

Kaspersky ICS CERT experts:

  • We receive data on threats that are relevant to industrial automation systems from various sources around the globe (including exclusive and private sources) and analyze information on suspicious activity that may be associated with attacks on industrial control systems.

  • When requested by industrial enterprises, we conduct investigations of cybersecurity incidents that took place in their operational technology networks and provide recommendations on mitigating the damage and preventing similar incidents in the future.

  • Our experts review the security of products and information technology used in industrial automation systems, identify zero-day vulnerabilities, help vendors choose ways to close those vulnerabilities, and inform industrial automation system owners and operators of the vulnerabilities identified. Since late 2016, we have identified hundreds of vulnerabilities in tens of popular products and common components used in thousands of different ICS products.

  • We develop and provide refresher courses in cybersecurity for industrial enterprise technical staff, as well as specialized training courses for cybersecurity experts, organize workshops and training courses for students and teachers from the world’s leading universities and academic organizations, and hold contests for cybersecurity experts.

  • At the request of ICS and industrial internet of things product developers, manufacturers of vehicles and vehicle components, we analyze the security of their products and the maturity of their development, production, and maintenance processes.

  • We develop methodologies for designing industrial facilities with cybersecurity in mind, help assess security maturity and develop a plan to prepare the enterprise for certification.

  • In cooperation with the world’s leading technical professional organizations, partnerships and agencies, such as IEEE, IIC, ITU, and OPC Foundation, we help create methodologies, recommendations, standards, and frameworks that serve as the foundations of secure-by-design technologies and ensure the safety of future industrial development.

International consortia and associations

ICS CERT experts actively participate in activities of international consortia and associations within the framework of Kaspersky’s membership in these organizations.


Please send any questions you may have to ics-cert@kaspersky.com.

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