Be Aware

Keep up to date on threats and risks relevant to your organization

ICS Threat Intelligence
Security Assessment
ICS Threat Intelligence Reporting
Reports and alerts about cyberattacks on industrial enterprises and vulnerabilities in industrial software and equipment; regular threat overviews for industrial automation systems
Customer-Specific Reports
Preparation of custom research report: incidents, attacks and vulnerabilities relevant to the territory, industry or infrastructure specified by the customer
Vulnerability Reporting
Regular reports containing carefully verified information on relevant vulnerabilities in ICS products and mitigation measures based on a pre-agreed list of products used by the enterprise.
Vulnerability Data Feed
Regularly updated feed of verified and refined data on vulnerabilities in ICS software and equipment in machine-readable format

Get Ready

Empower your workforce with cybersecurity knowledge

ICS Security Awareness
In-depth Professional Training
On-Site Training Sessions
On-site industrial cybersecurity awareness training for IT, information security and ICS specialists and for managers at industrial enterprises
Online Training Sessions
Online industrial cybersecurity course on the Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness platform (ASAP)
Digital Forensics and Incident Response in ICS
Training in the proper response to cybersecurity incidents at industrial enterprises and in incident investigation techniques
IoT Vulnerability Research and Exploitation
Training in IoT vulnerability research
Searching for vulnerabilities with fuzzing
Training in modern fuzzing-based methods, techniques and approaches for software vulnerability research
Kaspersky Cyber Range
Creating and deploying a cyber test range simulating the customer’s infrastructure to develop and conduct cybersecurity exercises under near-real-world conditions


Expert handling of security incidents using our professional services

Threat Hunting and Detection
Incident Response
Analyst Inquiry Service
Threat Hunting and APT Investigation
Joint investigation of APTs and other cyberattacks targeting an industrial organization
Artifact Analysis and IoC Sharing
Analyzing artifacts of cyberattacks on industrial enterprises and sharing indicators of compromise with other organizations and independent researchers
ICS Threat Intelligence Malware Data Feed
Stream of data (IOCs, hashes, Yara rules) on threats identified by ICS CERT experts in ICS systems, designed to simplify and automate attack detection and investigation
Incident Response at Industrial Organizations
Help in blocking an active cyberattack, investigation of the cybersecurity incident and mitigation of its consequences
Digital Forensics
Analysis of artifacts from cybersecurity incidents affecting industrial organizations and critical infrastructure facilities
Incident Response Handbook Development
Developing scenarios and instructions to ensure the different stages of cybersecurity incident response are carried out effectively, based on the specifics of the industrial organization’s operations
Ask the Analyst


Rethink your approach to cybersecurity from the ground up

Certification and Product Security
Generic Security Consulting
Product Security Certification
Security assessment of ICS/IoT products and their development and support processes, with a public security maturity certificate issued for the products assessed
Product Design Security Assessment
Evaluating the security of a product’s architecture and protocol specifications and providing recommendations on improvements
Product Vulnerability Assessment
Analyzing pre-release versions of products for vulnerabilities, developing customized tools and recommendations to address any security issues
Policies and Procedures
Analyzing an industrial enterprise’s security policies and procedures for compliance with the specified goals and requirements
Methodology and Frameworks
Developing methodologies and approaches to define security requirements for industrial facilities plus methods for security analysis and the assessment of risks associated with cybersecurity incidents
Regulation and Standards
Providing advice and developing custom reports on standards, recommendations and regulatory requirements for the security of industrial facilities and systems