26 March 2024

Industrial cybersecurity in 2024: trends and forecasts presented by Evgeny Goncharov, head of Kaspersky’s ICS CERT

As the industrial landscape evolves, so do the threats that accompany it. While many industrial threats may be developing slowly from year to year, subtle changes are reaching a critical mass, poised to reshape the cybersecurity landscape in the near future.

The webinar features Evgeny Goncharov, head of Kaspersky’s Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS CERT). Evgeny dissect the current state of industrial cybersecurity and provide invaluable foresight into what lies ahead. From the persistent menace of ransomware to the burgeoning wave of cosmopolitical hacktivism, we delve into the multifaceted risks facing industrial enterprises.

Check the recording to gain valuable insights into the key cybersecurity challenges facing industrial enterprises in the upcoming year. Learn how to effectively safeguard your operations and stay ahead of emerging threats. Plus, get an analysis of trends from 2023 and a comprehensive outlook on the evolving threat landscape in 2024.