14 June 2019

Ransomware disrupts production at four ASCO Industries plants

On June 7, one of the world’s largest aircraft parts manufacturers, ASCO Industries, was hit by a ransomware attack, causing operations to be suspended at the company’s four manufacturing plants. Following the incident, the company sent 1000 employees home on temporary leave.

According to media reports, the company’s Belgian plant at Zaventem was infected with ransomware. The company also suspended operations at its plants in Germany, Canada, and the US. It is currently unclear whether this was due to malware spreading to other plants or was only a precautionary step. The company’s non-production offices in France and Brazil were not affected.

ASCO representatives have stated that the authorities and the police have been informed about the situation. The company has also engaged external experts to investigate the attack.

No information has been disclosed on the malware that attacked the company’s Belgian facility, whether ASCO has paid ransom to regain access to its systems and what measures are being taken to restore them to normal operation.

Source: De Standaard