Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT

Kaspersky Lab Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT) is a global project launched by Kaspersky Lab in 2016 to coordinate the efforts of automation system vendors, industrial facility owners and operators, and IT security researchers to protect industrial enterprises from cyberattacks. Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT devotes its efforts primarily to identifying potential and existing threats that target industrial automation systems and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Percentage of industrial computers attacked, January 2018

Top countries by percentage of industrial computers attacked, January 2018

Vietnam Algeria Indonesia Morocco Iran, Islamic Republic of China Saudi Arabia Kazakhstan Malaysia India Turkey Thailand United Arab Emirates Peru Russian Federation

Threat sources, January 2018

Internet Removable
Mail Network
% of attacked users

Malware platforms, January 2018

Visual Basic Script JavaScript .NET Framework Java AutoCAD BAT PDF Microsoft Word RTF NSIS
% of attacked users