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Campaigns abusing corporate trusted infrastructure hunt for corporate credentials on ICS networks

Targets of spyware attacks in which each malware sample has a limited-scope and a short lifetime include industrial enterprises. Victim organizations’ SMTP services are abused to send phishing emails and collect stolen data.

19 January 2022

Log4Shell at industrial enterprises

Although it is still difficult to say to what extent vulnerable ICS systems are exposed to potential attacks, we hope that, unlike IT infrastructures, most vulnerable OT systems cannot accept inputs coming from untrusted sources.

30 December 2021

PseudoManuscrypt: a mass-scale spyware attack campaign

Kaspersky products blocked PseudoManuscrypt on more than 35,000 computers in 195 countries of the world. Targets of attacks include a significant number of industrial and government organizations, including enterprises in the military-industrial complex and research laboratories.

16 December 2021

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