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Cinterion EHS5 3G UMTS/HSPA Module Research

In the course of the modem security analysis, we found seven locally exploited vulnerabilities and one remotely exploited vulnerability. The combination of these vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to completely get control over the modem.

13 June 2024

APT and financial attacks on industrial organizations in Q1 2024

This summary provides an overview of the reports of APT and financial attacks on industrial enterprises, as well as the related activities of groups that have been observed attacking industrial organizations and critical infrastructure facilities.

10 June 2024

Q1 2024 – a brief overview of the main incidents in industrial cybersecurity

A total of 30 incidents were confirmed by victims. 37% of victims reported denial of operations or product shipment caused by the incident. Almost half of all incidents resulted in disruption of the victims’ public digital services.

03 June 2024

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